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Organizing with Favorite Categories - Art Museums

Collections of any sort can be more fun with structure. One way I've found to make my collecting enjoyable is to focus on specific categories of business cards. Though some folks are "generalists" -- those who are happy to get just about any kind of card in any condition -- I like sticking to a few types. My favorites are listed along the right hand column: from Artists to Western Themes featuring cactus. Right now the list is around 30 subjects and can fluctuate...just personal preference more than anything else. I'm currently in a letter writing campaign with Art Museums around the United States. For better or worse, I'm addressing my notes to the executive directors or whichever title sounds most like the head of staff! Approximately 25 per cent of the recipients replied to my first round of requests -- and that's with me including a self-addressed, stamped envelope, too. The initial goals are 1) to get at least one from every US state and te
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Wicked Busy

Been "wicked busy" lately - between family and travel and collecting cards. Now's the time for another big Sort and Stash session...or get the most recent slew of additions to my collection organized and in binders. Plus, there's a bunch of follow-up correspondence to take care of - USPS and electronic. Tonight I'm wondering what a tattoo would look like to commemorate this hobby.

Moo View

They're even better in color. Don'tcha wish you had one?

Business Card Song

From Cambridge Community Tevelvision in Cambridge, MA: "When regular-sized digits just won't do, dynamic duo and nuclear fusion reactor Big Digits bring the noise and the crunk. They performed "Business Card Song" during their appearance on CCTV's BandwidthTV . Check out the video here , and visit "

Political Panache

Well, it looks like I'm pretty into this collecting hobby. I just put in a bid for a spot on the Exceutive Committee elections. The EC is an advisory board servicing the members of the various national and international biz card collector clubs. In addition to my 100-word "Vote for Me" essay, I came up with a list - it's about 14 items now - of goals and suggestions for enhancing the sense of community for all members. We'll see how I do. Thanks for your support.

Card Slew

Glistening Gem

This awesome card arrived yesterday mixed in with a batch of 200 general cards...and is definitely among the elite Favorite Favorites in my collection. I couldn't take my eyes off it and kept picking it up to see how the light would play off the surface of the embedded embossed features. I'm afraid the scanned image doesn't do it've got to handle it yourself. A video should give a better idea of the card's properties: Also, I managed to sort my formerly disorderly drawers of unorganized cards into my "favorites" categories. Next, I'll get around to actually putting them in my storage/display binders.

Rumble d'Slumber

The end of 2006 proved to be a slow collecting and trading time for me - by choice and /or necessity. Things have begun to pick up now. No official count, but I'd guestimate 250 new additions since the New Year, including trading stock. I also set up my first Round Robin trade among eight people - split in to two groups to speed up the circuit around The States. Reorganized my binders of sorted cards to reflect a more logical system. They're now arraged alphabetically by my favorite categories. (The categories appear alphabetically...not by way of any info on the cards - my version of this wacky hobby doesn't need that level of arrangedness.) Finally, the first biz card collectors' "meet and greet" which I am hosting is scheduled for 1/20/07.